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Borosilicate Glass

7.4356.07 VAT not included

3 mm thick Borosilicate glass with good thermal composition to withstand high heatable bed temperatures and good adhesion to all types of 3D printing materials.

LokBuild 3D

14.87 VAT not included

LokBuild by Boloberry is the perfect surface for printing 3D FFF / FDM 3D printers. It adheres to the print bed and Prevents warping 3D while providing a durable and stable surface printing. With dimensions of 225 × 225 mm. They can be combined to use on larger surfaces.

Are you Having trouble getting your prints 3D without deforming? Tired of messing around With solutions: such as Kapton, blue ribbon or lacquer for ABS?

LokBuild by Boloberry is the solution! LokBuild by Boloberry Replaces the need for adhesive tape or Klapton blue ribbon. It is made of heat-resistant materials to Provide a stable platform for print 3D models while Their Allowing you to remove your nished models more easily.

For more detailed information call to 932 115 844

Modifi 3D

28.62 VAT not included

3D heated tool with interchangeable tips designed specially coated to nish, repair and modify 3D printed pieces.

The finish of the 3D printing should be easy and never a chore. Simply connect the USB, touch the switch in less than 15 seconds is ready for operation. You will be able to remove any unwanted or modify printing without having to redesign and print again!

Place the MODIFI3D in its cradle and in 25 seconds will enter standby mode (includes basic support, but you can print your own media / toolholder with our 3D downloadable file).

For more detailed information call to 932 115 844