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3D Training for Companies

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Seminary where I taught to use and take full advantage of 3D printing. Printing oriented engineering techniques. Ideal for developing product prototypes, spare parts of machines or parts descatalogadas maintenance. It lets be able to use a 3D printer and make the most of the company.

4 hours Seminar:

– Introduction to 3D and open source. The different technologies and their use. Uses and applications of 3D printing. Which Tends towards esta technology.

– Learning to properly con gure and use 3D (Cura) printer. Various printing materials.

– Databases with designs for printing. How to adjust and maintain a 3D printer. most common mistakes and how to fix them.

– Guidance for use in industry guide.


Not only in training all tips and techniques are taught to bring 3D printing to a company but are also taught technician be able to assemble and manipulate an FDM printer.

3D design sessions are included to create any piece and then print it. How to design an e cient way to print on FDM. Use design programs from scratch. With formation can be purchased printers with a 5% discount!

* Maximum of 4 people per training

Course consists of 16 sessions of 1 hour:

Session 1: Introduction to the world to 3D printing Session 2: Mounting structure I
Session 3: Mounting structure II
Session 4: Mounting structure III
Session 5: Mounting structure IV
Session 6: Mounting structure V
Session 7: Electronics I
Session 8: Electronics II
Session 9: Electronics III
Session 10: Adjustment and maintenance
Session 11: Using the printer – Laminator (Cura)
Session 12: Programs initiation 3D design databases
Session 13: Design Sketchup I
Session 14: Design Sketchup II
Session 15: Design with Sketchup III
Session 16: Orientation guide for use in your company


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