3D Training Education

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3D Training Education

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Why it is so useful in the classroom?

A 3D printer lets you print not only any object, but an enhancer of creativity also. Use a 3D printer causes a change in mentality that will allow the student to learn to solve the obstacles that arise in the physical world by applying creativity and innovating to achieve the desired objective. Undoubtedly, the acquisition of these skills will help, notably, and better prepares students for a workplace awareness.

3D printer makes the learning experience in a fun and participatory process. Some schools create common spaces to be used by students together. You have to keep in mind That the teacher’s role is crucial in guiding students.

The ability to learn through workshops and see the actual results realized their designs, students show more interest Makes and feel motivated. Really useful for students with attention problems improve their they that ability to concentrate.

The subjects of science, technology, engineering and math in 3D printers have a great ally, real scenario Allowing That transfer concepts are sometimes di cult to Explain in words or images. However, INITIALLY , Although They are only useful Seems for These materials can be used in They
many different ways. For example in geography to show relief or topographic maps in history to show the different types of Greek or Roman columns. Since the only limit is imagination.


Seminary where I taught to use and take full advantage of 3D printing. Printing techniques oriented classrooms. Ideal for secondary school teachers, secondary and vocational training. It allows it to be able to use a 3D printer and orient their class teacher. examples for math, science, music, social include…

4 hours Seminar:

– Introduction to 3D and open source. The different technologies and their use. Uses and applications of 3D printing. Which tends towards esta technology.

– Learning to properly con gure and use 3D (Cura) printer. Various printing materials.

– DATABASES. With designs for printing. How to adjust and Maintain a 3D printer.
How to troubleshoot common errors.

– Guidance for classroom use guide.


Vocational training for teachers

Not only in training all tips and techniques are taught to bring 3D printing to the classroom, but also teaches the teacher to be able to assemble and manipulate a printer FDM.

Sessions include 3D design to create any piece and then print it . How to teach design and create e cient layouts for printing. Use design programs for children and advanced. With formation can be purchased printers with a 5% discount!

* Maximum of 4 people per training

Course consists of 12 sessions of 1 hour:

Session 1: Introduction to the world to 3D printing
Session 2: Mounting structure I
Session 3: Mounting structure II
Session 4: Mounting structure III
Session 5: Electronics I
Session 6: Electronics II
Session 7: Adjustment and maintenance
session 8: Using the printer – Laminator (Cura)
Session 9: Programs for beginners and 3D design databases
Session 10: Design with Tinkercad and Minecraft
Session 11: Design with Sketchup
Session 12: Guidance for use in classrooms Guide


Formación 3D Educación