CNC milling machine Standalone Maduixa

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CNC milling machine by Standalone (assembled and calibrated) Includes 2004 LCD for Ramps and turn your router into Standalone version (without connecting to PC)

This model works autonomously without the need to connect to the PC 

Boloberry exclusive Tech.

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Maduixa CNC is a project of free technology developed by Boloberry. It is a 3-axis milling machine computer numerical control (CNC).

This is a draft instructions for assembly kit With self be equipped with a simple and accessible CNC milling machine.


Use The most accessible possible components. By accessible means: easy to nd anywhere in the world and cheap. The structure is constructed with wooden plates and plastic DM wood screws 3D printable parts. The other components are hardware (rods, screws, nuts …), NEMA17 stepper motors and electronics based on Arduino, much like the electronics used for 3D printers, but simpler, since it is NOT necessary to temperatures Control or extrusion.
You can milling, machining, drilling, screen print, burn PCBs, drawing and cutting, among others. It all depends on how you set – up and tool you use. This model works autonomously without the need to connect to the PC.
It has a universal support to use any tool. A dremel, a drill, a laser or even a pen can be used.
It is open source, released under GPL v3.0 license. So it can be played anywhere in the world without patent problems. In addition, anyone can participate by contributing improvements, changes or derivative works. We look forward to your improvements!

Hand tool (Dremel Usually) is not included in the project as the tool to use depends on what you want each and to Achieve With the machine. Dremel tools disparity and different prices and utilities Makes it convenient not to link the CNC machine to a speci c tool. THEREFORE, the MaduixaCNC includes a universal tool holder.

The entire project, in Addition to Manual Also includes the source code parts 3D printable designs and modi ed for 3 – dimensional CNC rmware. Maduixa CNC design, 3D designs in OpenSCAD and FreeCAD of 3D printable parts, as well as the design FreeCAD complete visualization of the machine, fully Have Been Realized in the R&D Boloberry.

The MaduixaCNC project is inspired by the CNC milling José Salatino, which ITS base structure on metal rods and 3D printed parts. After working Together with J. Salatino for Several sessions, Boloberry team Decided to start a new project from scratch based on wood and different designs With pieces for easy assembly. The R&D of Boloberry want to publicly thank José Salatino his help and generosity.

All the inventors of free projects are welcome at Boloberry!

Technical Details

Measurements: 530x505x410 mm (without tool)

Workload: 275x260x45 mm


Milling (wood, acrylic, wax, PCBs …), machining, drilling, drawing, cutting, among others

Work force:

It depends on the power of the tool used. The NEMA17 motors have a “torque” of 5kg/cm


Free movement 200mm/min, Milling 50 ~ 100 mm/min, Machining ~ 20mm/min

Layer height 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm


DM wood 16 mm, printed parts ABS, LM8UU and 608ZZ bearings, motors NEMA17


Arduino Mega 2560, RAMPs v1.4, pap drivers DRV8825

Source AC 220V, 12V 20A (240W). 2004 Standalone LCD Display


Marlin firmware preconfigured

Recommended environment: f-engrave + pronterface

Formats: DXF / gcode

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows XP or later, MAC OS X or later

Please note the following:

The tool is not included. You will need a dremel, laser or tool you intend to use.

Fully assembled and ready for use.



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