Ono 3d Printer

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Made with durable technopolymers.

Printing area: 72 * 124 * 52mm

Dimensions of the printer: 280 * 128 * 185mm

Easy connection with USB

Silent, thanks to its low noise mechanism.

Automatic leveling of the sensors in each printing.

Compatible with Android and Iphone.

Boloberry exclusive Tech.
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The ONO 3D printer with ProBag comes with a professional bag, a double layer zipper case designed to help protect ONO from bumps and falls and keep everything together.

The package contains the printer, a printing film with double-sided adhesive tape, a hexagonal wrench to adjust the base, a spatula to remove the pieces, a funnel to reuse the resin and a pair of nitrile gloves to keep your hands clean . A power adapter is not included, but ONO can be connected to any USB charging device, including portable power banks.

If you want more information, look at the TECHNICAL DETAILS.

If you want more information look at the TECHNICAL DETAILS or use the DOWNLOAD tab where you will find the technical sheet  and manuals.

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Z resolution: Layers at 20 or 100 microns depending on the printing mode

X-Y Resolution: Up to 42 microns depending on the resolution of the phone’s screen.

Automatic leveling of the sensors in each print

Resin tank and removable printing plate: facilitates the extraction of the piece and the cleaning of the printer.

Silent, the low noise mechanism allows it to be used even at night.

Partial and light.

Robust: the body is made of durable technopolymers designed for durability

Adaptable, the USB cable can be connected to any USB charger.

Compatible with Iphone and Android, the software adapts to any screen.

Intuitive with a simple design that facilitates the preparation and printing of models.

European Seal of Conformity (CE)

Transport data

Shipping box: 180*128*180mm

Weight: 0,78Kg = 780g

Mounted, calibrated and ready to print