Prusa P4 Steel PRO HD XL

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    3mm iron structure to avoid vibrations.

Hot bed rereads controlled system.

Volume printing (200x300x200mm).

PLA, ABS, Nylon, Carbon, WOOD, Filaflex, PETG, PA, PP, PC…

Open Source technology.

LCD + card reader.

Autonomous by SD.

MANUFACTURED by Boloberry.
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Technical details

Created by Boloberry Tech
Printer dimensions 450x550x450 mm
M8 trapezoidal spindles Step 2 with brass nut for greater precision
Warm bed with 20A protection relay
Borosilicate glass, suitable for temperature changes
Closed electronics consisting of RAMPS 1.4 and Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 Original
DRV8825 High Precision Drivers
Printing area: 200x300x200 mm
Mk8 Direct Extrusion (Compatible with flexible materials)
Extruder temperature can be adjusted to 300 ° C
Maximum speed: 60mm/sec
Recommended speed: 50mm/sec
Resolution in the Z axis: 0.06 mm
European Conformity Seal (EC)
Transport data
Shipping box: 500x500x500 mm
Weight: 12Kg = 12000g
Delivered fully assembled and calibrated
Compatible with layer fan and second extruder
Compatible with self-leveling sensor and filament sensor
Complete user manual, assembly, laminator (Cure) and FAQ guide
Technical service by phone, email, video conference or unlimited chat.



Download the Prusa P4 Steel Pro datasheet and user manual.