Tough PLA

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TOUGH PLA features:

High impact and stiffness

Prints like regular PLA – easy to print

No warpage & no shrinkage

Printable with various print temperatures

Suitable for applications which needs to be strong

Industrial touch and feel

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    TOUGH PLA is engineered for its high impact and strength like an ABS and the stiffness of a PLA. The material shows excellent results in layer adhesion and is the perfect match for tooling or manufacturing aids where a high impact is needed. Tough PLA is a plug & play material and printable on a wide range of temperatures.

    Physical Properties

    DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
    Specific gravityISO 11831,21 g/cc
    MFR 210°C/2,16 kgISO 11338,75 gr/10 min
    Tensile strength at yieldISO 52746 MPa
    Tensile strength at breakISO 52719 MPa
    Strain at Yield
    ISO 5272%
    Strain at Break
    ISO 52727%
    Tensile (E) modulusISO 5272750 MPa
    Impact strength – Charpy method 23˚CISO 17929,8 kJ/m²
    Charpy Impact (Kj/m2)ISO 179Injection Moulded: 29,8
    3DP X-Y: 22,9
    3DP Z: 2,2
    Vicat softening temperature BISO 30657°C

    Thermal Properties

    DescriptionTestmethodTypical value
    printing temp.Internal Method210±10˚C